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Neural therapy was developed in Germany beginning in the 1920s. Neural therapy is a remarkably safe and simple method of treating many medical problems and is taught in German medical schools. Only in recent years have some in the English-speaking world of medicine become aware of neural therapy.

Neural therapy is a method of diagnosing and treating illness and pain caused by disturbances of the body's electrophysiology. These electrical disturbances, called "interference fields," are manifestations of cell membrane instability and typically trigger abnormal autonomic nervous system responses. Interference fields may be found in scars, autonomic ganglia, teeth, internal organs or other locations where local tissue irritation exists.


How does it Work?

Specific homeopathic preparations, chelating agents, vitamins and/or local anesthetics are used in the injection solution. An injected anesthetic will cause a nerve to be numbed by changing the positive and negative charges on the membrane of the nerve tissue so that no sensation can be passed along such as when your lips become numb after a visit to the dentist. In neural therapy the intention is not to anaesthetize or numb the nerve, but rather to change the membrane potential temporarily, with the expectation that when the anesthetic wears off, the membrane charges and nerve function will return to normal. Neural Therapy is like rebooting the “body computer”, the autonomic nervous system, to reset regulation and normalize function.


Conditions Treated by Neural Therapy

Neural therapy is a nervous system regulation therapy, so just about anything short of cancer and metabolic disease can be positively affected. The more common conditions that benefit from it include: back and neck pain, posttraumatic conditions, chronic pain from whiplash and head injury, joint pain, muscle pain, and athletic injuries. Jaw and head pain, post-surgical pain (including dental), digestive disturbances, sinusitis, hypothyroid, muscle injuries, organ dysfunctions and scar disturbances also benefit from neural therapy.

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