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"Dr. Kin I want to reiterate what I've said in the past. You are an outstanding Doctor and under your care my health has improved dramatically." K.S.


"I would like to take this opportunity to THANK YOU for the years of help and knowledge that you provided. I am constantly telling people about how my hair and nails were
falling out and that it was with your help that I became a healthy person again - in more ways, than one." C.G.


"Thank you for your patience, kindness and mentorship as our physician and friend over the past months. You are an awesome teacher of healthy living" A.A.


"Thank You so much for helping me so much with my well being. I feel so much better and so much healthier thanks to you." J.K.


"The unique and professional care I have received from u has made a huge positive impact on my life and my family." D.H.


"I want to thank you for all your knowledge and expertise, without your help I would not be as healthy and happy as I am today. Thank you for taking the time to find the answers when no one else would help. You are a true credit to your profession and a lifesaver in my eyes." A.M.


"Greetings to those reading about Dr. Kin Leung! Dr. Kin is a very caring and kind person. He helped me a lot with a lung condition that I had been battling with for sometime. His experience with many different aspects of the human body is incredible. I learned a lot about muscle treatments and things to help a person relax as well. Good nutrition is a very important to each individual person. A person can be intolerate of many food groups and not realize it. For myself it was lactose and yeast. Avoiding these in my diet has also helped a lot as well. I feel that Dr. Kin has a very kind and gentle personality and for him to keep in contact with his patients by email is also incredible. How many medical Drs. can you find doing that?" Regards B.B.


"I totally recommend all my friends and family see Dr Kin! My husband and I were having fertility issues trying to have our second child and had been to many doctors. After 3 years of being poked and proded by medical doctors and fertility specialist they told us that there was nothing they could do to improve my husbands numbers and there didn't appear to be anything wrong with me so we could either wait it out, do IUI (Intrauterine insemination) or IVF (In vertro fertilisation). I started researching online and found a naturalpath in Austrailia that specialized in fertility so I researched for a local one through Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors and found Dr. Kin. My husband and I both went to see him. He did simple, non-intrusive tests. Dr Kin reveiwed our overall health, reccomended some supplements and foods to avoid. My husband and I followed his suggestions and were pregnant in 3 weeks!! It was simple lifestyle changes, things I wish I had known about 3 years earlier. Soon after having my second daughter, she would throw up a little when she ate and seemed to cry a lot more than my first - summed up as colic and normal by my previous medical doctor.
I brought her in for testing with Dr Kin and again found out there there were foods she was sensitive to. Once I eliminated these foods from my diet as I was nursing - particularily 2 - she was an entirely different kid. She never "spit up" or puked after eating and the gas pains which I am sure were the reason for the crying were all gone. She was a happy, healthy and enjoyable baby.

I don't know what I would have done with out Dr Kin. My oldest daughter, who is 6, loves Dr Kin! He is always happy and is so nice and she loves that he remembers her name when we see him around town! He helped her get rid of a bladder infection that antibiotics could not. He diagnosed and treated a odd rash/bumps with an everyday house hold item.

Now, when anyone our family has a problem he is the first one I see or email. I love Dr Kin for so many reasons: mainly because he is so knowledgeable, offers simple solutions (no drugs), he truly lives his Naturopathic oath, allows me to send him emails if I have questions so I don't always have to go into the office and he makes me feel as that the health and well-being of my family and I are important to him." M.R.

"We would like to thank you so much for all of your help in treating our daughter. After trying many other treatments and Doctors ,we finally found you.
You where the only Dr. who listened to her and treated her with compassion and understanding.
You were so kind and friendly, that Randie looked forward to coming to see you for her treatments

All the best to you in Alberta,we really miss you here in Ontario" P.L., S.L. and R.L.

To book an appointment call 587-360-1100
He is your Airdrie Naturopath and serving the surrounding, Olds, Didsbury, Drumheller, Cochrane, Calgary area.

Dr. Kin Leung, B.Sc., N.D., CCT, CPCC, FABNO
Naturopathic Fundamentals Wellness Clinic
Unit 6104, 403 MacKenzie Way SW
Airdrie, AB
T4E 3V7

(587) 360-1100